Friendly companies

The various economic needs of the Foundation are:

  • Annual expenses and investments in Rimkieta.
  • Annual expenses in Spain.
  • Insuring the future of the annual expenses in Spain through a Patrimonial Fund.

The Foundation offers four vias of collaboration, under six different titles, according to the legal status of the benefactor:

  • SPONSORS” (individuals) and “SPONSORING COMPANIES”. These contribute a fixed sum periodically, designating the donation to the ordinary expenses and investments in Burkina. Every euro donated goes entirely to Burkina.

  • "COLLABORATORS" (individuals and companies), whose contribution of professional servicies heps us minimize costs in Spain and guarantée our motto "1€ here = 1€ in Burkina".

  • REAL PATRONS” (individuals) and “PATRON COMPANIES” who, specifically and in writing, give their consent to designate their contributions to the ordinary expenses in Spain and to the endowment of a Patrimonial Fund. 

  • "INSTITUTIONAL PATRON COMPANIES", which are "Patron Companies", with a commitment of at least 20.000€. 

Any company or institution can become a  “Patron or Sponsoring” Company. Individuals as well as corporations can claim the applicable tax deduction in Spain.

Institutional Patron Companies




Patron Companies    

Faus & Moliner Abogados                       

Wavip Group


Sponsoring Companies


Fundació Roviralta

Fundación Pro

Cultura Literaria

 Obra Social Fundació La Caixa   



Public Institutions


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