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15 years in Rimkieta!

Dec 30, 2019 | 0 comments

This December 2019 marks the first 15 years of FAR’s presence in Rimkieta. We celebrated in style with our staff and their family (almost 200 people): a beautiful thanksgiving mass – where all of you were present – followed by a feast that finished with a spontaneous dance in which, if you’ll pardon the expression, “we went all out.”

I remember that, with great fondness and a bit of homesickness, when I first set foot on this land – my beloved adopted country – I felt a sense of belonging here. Were it not for the color of my skin, I would have wondered if my parents had hidden something from me J. 15 years later, I still feel the same way.

15 years here, a third of my lifetime, have given me a lot. Thanks to the constant help and kindness from so many Friends of Rimkieta, the FAR projects have benefited a lot of extremely needy people:

– 3,420 children between the ages of 3 and 6 have passed through the Maternelle nursery school.

-126 street kids are being educated at FAR, have been re-enrolled in school, or are in professional training workshops

-147 girls living as “cinderellas” to adoptive families attend FAR education, have been re-enrolled in school, or are in professional training workshops

– 574 mothers of the Maternelle nursery school students have received a literacy course

-3,917 school scholarships granted

– 14 young people have been granted college scholarships

– 971 children benefited from sports education activities

– 3,875 bicycles made available at a social price; an estimated 15,000 users have mobility thanks to our efforts

– 26 women and their families benefited from a garden

– More than 1,000 women have started their own business thanks to our microcredits

– More than 580,000 milled cereal rations provided by our grain mills

– More than 2,000,000 food rations provided by our cereal bank

– Some 20,000 liters of water extracted every day from our five FAR wells. More than 7,300m3 per year

– 9,000 trees planted with a protective fencing, as well as daily watering and maintenance

– 107 patients seen by ophthalmologists, mainly for cataracts

– 7 children attended to in the health project for children with different physical and mental disabilities

– 163,500 office services provided by the cyberoffice

– More than 87,000 people attended to in the Primary Health Care Center

– 3 motorcycle ambulances, to help move patients, donated to three Primary Health Care Centers

– 1,219 mosquito nets subsidized

Overall, these 15 years have been very positive, but Rimkieta continues to have many necessities, because the main change is cultural, not solely material, and that takes time and perseverance. So these are only the “first” 15, of many years to come for FAR, here in Rimkieta.

Thank you all for making this possible, thank you all for being by our side, thank you all for continuing to follow us for at least another 15 years!