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“Primum vivere, deinde philosophare” (“Live first, then philosophize”) by JCVD

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“Dans la causerie du dimanche, nous avons appris aux enfants qu’ils doivent tous apprendre à vivre ensemble, comme des frères, et favoriser la compréhension et l’amitié entre toutes les nations et tous les groupes raciaux ou religieux, sinon nous allons mourir ensemble comme des idiots” (“In the Sunday talk, we explained to the children that they must all learn to live together, as brothers, fostering understanding and friendship between all nations and all racial and religious groups, otherwise we will die together like fools”). So describes a report by Jacques, who leads the street children program, about one of the formative talks we gave.

Another 150 Children in the “Valencia” Maternelle!

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I can think of many ways to begin 2021. A little bit of “Philomena” in Burkina would no doubt be one of them. Yet, the best of all is the blessing of three new classrooms in the “Valencia” nursery school, which allow us to serve more children, increasing our capacity from 300 to 450.

In Memoriam “tío Pepe”

Order Tramadol Us To Us

Dear Tío Pepe,
Now you’re really going to have to make an impact – from heaven!

Fifteen Thousand Mobilized in Rimkieta!  Fifteen Thousand!

Tramadol Online Cod Overnight

I recently heard that some African politicians consider bicycles to be a symptom of the continent’s failure to advance. Yet, cities with the highest urban cycling rate are “rather advanced” cities and among the richest in the world. Seven years after the delivery of the first bike for Rimkieta, and having arrived this month to 4,000, I cannot be more proud and grateful. Surely, some 15,000 “Rimkietans” today have a means of transportation.