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Pedaling 12km/hour or Walking 2.5km/hour, Quite a Difference, by JCVD

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In what we know as the developed world, a bicycle is a sports or leisure equipment. That was the use for which it was invented in 1817 thanks to Baron K. Drais’ ingenuity. But bikes aren’t used for fun or exercise everywhere. Three are places in the world where bicycles are the only possible means of transport.

We Celebrate Christmas Here in Rimkieta, Too!

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Yes, that’s right – we celebrate Christmas here in Rimkieta, too! And Madame Hema, assistant director of the Valencia nursery school, explains it beautifully in the last project report, which I share with you today. See for yourselves!

Adelphe Walks Again!!

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When I say that Burkina drains my energy every day but returns it twofold, it’s because of cases like Aline’s – which I shared with you last month – one of the most painful experiences I’ve been through.  But thank God there are also cases like Aldelphe’s – in which after suffering third degree burns on both legs, today she can walk again!

Burkinabe Women’s Harsh Reality

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Today is one of those days when my heart is broken and not even the energy this land gives me daily is strong enough to comfort me. Monday morning, Madine visited us. She is the mother of Aline, who was one of our maternelle students who went on to receive a grant from our school scholarship program. We just signed her up in second grade for this academic year.