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In Memoriam “tío Pepe”

Dec 2, 2020 | 0 comments

Dear Tío Pepe,

Now you’re really going to have to make an impact – from heaven!

So many years of your company – almost 17 – since you determined “there must be some reason” for what we had begun, and that continuing in a new situation didn’t fit in my agenda…and so very many gestures of real empathy with such varied causes and people…This is how I sum up your life in my heart.  Yes, you were excellent at your profession, and a visionary entrepreneur, too.  But above all, a family member, a friend, and a man with a refined social sensitivity.

These last days have been especially emotional – for your passing and for all the shows of affection we are all receiving, in your family and in mine.  A classmate of yours from your engineering studies, that is, from quite a while ago, wrote to me with great affection for you.  I am not surprised, but I am much consoled.

 You have supported so many people that only faith in the divine mercy that has surely taken you in already can begin to compensate your absence here.  If St.John of the Cross’ affirmation “In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone,” is true, and if to love is to give, to care for, to accompany, to come to another’s aid, to attend to, to listen, to assist, to suffer in silence when necessary – if to love is all these things, you will have been judged benevolently, because you did them all often and well.

Rest in the Lord’s peace.

As I said at the beginning, take good care of the FAR that you loved so much and that would not have existed if not for you!  It needs and will always need your special care.

We have loved you, we love you, and we will always love you very much.  

Your friend, JCVD