Who We Are

The Foundation


The Friends of Rimkieta Foundation (FAR) was founded in May 2007 by José Vidal, Juan Carlos Vázquez-Dodero, Mercè Casanovas, Fernando Infiesta and María Vázquez-Dodero. It had already functioned as an association from 2004 with the opening of a small nursery school and a well under the guidance and initiative of Montse and Luis Riba.

Our spirit of indefinite presence and total commitment to Rimkieta takes shape in the various activities and initiatives we undertake with the aim of covering basic necessities and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.



The Friends of Rimkieta Foundation is managed by a group of business people and professionals.


  • Honorary President posthumously: José Vidal Royo, textile industry entrepreneur
  • Executive President: Juan Carlos Vázquez-Dodero,
    Emeritus professor at IESE
  • Member, Secretary and Manager in Burkina Faso: María Vázquez-Dodero
  • Members:
    • Mercè Casanovas, speech therapist and professor at Ramon Llull University
    • Fernando Infiesta, business executive
    • Sergi Leiva, business executive
    • Carmen Silla Vidal, business executive
    • Jorge Muro, business executive

Our Mission


The Friends of Rimkieta Foundation* (FAR)’s mission is to achieve the best possible living conditions in and around the neighborhood of Rimkieta (a suburb of Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou) principally for its women and children, and especially in relation to their education, nutrition and health, as well as the social and professional promotion of women.

Our philosophy of action is business-minded and transparent, in order to implement solutions in accordance with the area’s social, cultural and environmental realities, with an almost entirely local staff.

* Private foundation registered on November 8, 2007 and inscribed in the Registry of Foundations: Dirección General de Derecho y Entidades Jurídicas de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Departamento de Justicia) with the number 2.505.

Principles of Conduct

Everyone who forms part of the Foundation shares a philosophy and values that reflect FAR’s essence and determine our way of working. FAR’s activities began in the fall of 2004 and are governed by the following principles, which are faithfully fulfilled:

“A euro here, a euro in Burkina.”

Each euro donated is used entirely for the projects carried out in Rimkieta. This is possible due to the fact that all institutional and infrastructure expenses are fully assumed by the foundation’s patrons and by donations specifically for this purpose. Furthermore, we maintain a patrimonial fund in order to guarantee this principle’s sustainability.

FAR hopes to remain permanently in the neighborhood of Rimkieta and its surroundings.  The area is so large, so populated and so extremely poor that it’s impossible to guess when it might be considered “developed.” Our motto is “keep on.”

“To keep up more than to take up.  Permanent commitment.”

“Local team”

FAR aims to provide employment and develop its employees in Rimkieta and its surrounding area. Thus we hire almost exclusively local people, who are managed with some support from headquarters.

Focused and people-oriented, with a decision-making system that is agile for direct management and overseen by the Board.

“We want to be a simple organization.”

“We control the results.”

FAR has a rigorous work method:


  • Every project is selected by the Board.
  • The annual budget is revised and approved every three months by the Board.
  • The projects report information to Spain weekly or monthly, with budgetary control every three months.
  • The manager lives in Ouagadougou and the Board members travel to Burkina Faso several times a year to oversee the projects and the institutional relations.

FAR regularly reports on its projects’ progress to Friends, Sponsors and Patrons.

FAR’s accounts are audited since its foundation and it complies rigorously with the demands of both Spanish and Burkinabe Public Administrations.

“Prompt and truthful accountability.”

“We look for professional and committed volunteers.”

The salaried infrastructure of FAR must be minimal.  We encourage and accept lasting professional help in all necessary areas, always within the scope of clear and concrete objectives overseen by management.


Local Team

Almost the entire FAR team in Rimkieta is Burkinabe. FAR constantly aims to train and better its employees, without whose work and dedication, FAR would not be possible.

M. BABOU, Bassila.

Assistant planting and watering trees

Mme. BACARDIT, María.

Deputy to Management in Burkina Faso and project manager

Mme. BAMBARA, Rihanata.

In charge of the “Valencia” nursery school project.

Mme. BAMOGO, Awa.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.

Mme. BELA, Rosine.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.

Mme. BELA, Sylviane Estelle.

In charge of the (i) Microcredits, (ii) school scholarships; (iii) Primary tutoring; (iv) Wells, (v) Bihes and  (vi) Ophthalmological procedures.

M. BELEM, Valery.

Secondary-school Tutor

Mme. BELEM, Valery.

Supervisor of the Zongo garden project.

Mme. BOURO, Elisabeth.

In charge of following up on the girls registered in school from the “education for unschooled girls” project.

Mme. COMPAORE, Haoua.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher



In charge of follow up on the boys training in workshops from the “Street children” project.

Mme. COMPAORE, Rosalie.

In charge of the “education for unschooled girls” project.

Mme. DIABRE, Halimata.

In charge of following up on the girls registered in school from the “education for unschooled girls” project.

M. GUINGUERE, Sibiri François.

Night guard at the  “Valencia” nursery school and the FAR offices.


M. ILBOUDO, Yembila.

Weekend guard at the “Valencia” nursery school and the FAR offices.

M. ILY, Jaques.

Assistant planting and watering trees.

Mme. KABORE, Léonie.

Head cook.

Mme. KABORE, Wango Rosalie.

“Valencia” nursery school head teacher and in charge of the mothers’ literacy program.

M. KOALA, Prosper.

Secondary-school teacher.

M. KONE, Moumouni.

Primary–school tutor.

Mme. KONE, Sita.

In charge of cleaning services.

M. LAWSON, Tevi Keli.

In charge of the “street children” project.

Mme. NACOULMA, Topoko.

In charge of the girls’ formation at FAR in the “education for unschooled girls” project.

Mme. NIKIEMA, W. Rosine.

“Valencia” nursery school  head teacher.


Mme. OUEDRAOGO, Augustine.

Primary–school tutor.

Mme. OUEDRAOGO, Bassirata.

Primary-school tutor.

Mme. OUEDRAOGO, Desirée.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.


M. OUEDRAOGO, Janvier.

Primary-school tutor.

M. OUEDRAOGO, Jean Marie.

Assistant planting and watering trees.

Mme. OUEDRAOGO, Justine.

“Valencia” nursery school head teacher.


Secondary-school tutor.

Mme. OUEDRAOGO, Odette Aicha.

Assistant director at the “Valencia” nursery school

Mme. OUEDRAOGO, Sonia Valerie.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.

Mme. OUINDSOURI, Habibou.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.


In charge of the projects: (i) street children (ii) sports training (iii) school scholarships, (iv) tutoring and (v) tree planting.

Mme. PITROIPA, Solange.

“Valencia” nursery school head teacher.

Mme. SANFO, Fatimata.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.


Mme. SANNA, Oubaïdatou.


Mme. SAWADOGO, Alizeta.

“Valencia” nursery school head teacher.


M. SAWADOGO, Idrissa.

Assistant to the head of the “street children” project and trainer for the “education through sports training” project.

M. SAWADOGO, Ousmane.

Weekend guard at CIEPYD (Spanish acronym for School, Profession and Sports Integration Center – Centro de Integración Escolar, Profesional y Deportivo), which hosts the “education and reintegration of street children” and “education through sports training” projects. 

Mme. SAWADOGO, W. Solange.

“Valencia” nursery school head teacher.

Mme. SORE, Alimata.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.

Mme. SOUILI, Mariette.

Assistant cook.

Mme. SOURWEINA, Sarata.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.

M. TAO, Moumouni.

In charge of follow up on the children enrolled in school from the education and reinsertion of street children project.

M. TOE, Hyacinthe.

In charge of formation within FAR for the “education and reinsertion of street children” project and trainer in the “education through sports training” project.

Mme. TONDE, Jacqueline.

“Valencia” nursery school head teacher.


Mme. TRAORE, Korotomou.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.


Managing director in Burkina Faso.

Mme. YARO, Orokia.

Assistant cook.

M. ZANGO, Redo.

Night guard at CIEPYD (Spanish acronym for School, Profession and Sports Integration Center – Centro de Integración Escolar, Profesional y Deportivo), which hosts the “education and reintegration of street children” and “education through sports training” projects.

M. ZONGO, Lambert.

In charge of the tree planting project.

Mme. ZONGO, Marceline.

“Valencia” nursery school teacher.


Mme. ZOUNGRANA, Odile.

Assistant cook.

Group of women

In charge of selling the WATER and the MAINTAINANCE of the “Jeanología” 1, 2 and 3 WELLS in Zongo.


FAR informs punctually about the status of its projects to its Friends, Sponsors and Patrons, via its Rimkieta manager’s blog post, and welcomes all of them yearly to its annual accountability meeting.

FAR has its accounts audited since its foundation, and rigorously fulfils Spanish and Burkinabe civil service requirements . See FAR’s audit reports (only in Spanish), for: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Madrazo, 96 Entresuelo D

08021, Barcelona

Tel +34 932 050 458



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