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We Celebrate Christmas Here in Rimkieta, Too!

Jan 14, 2019 | 0 comments

Yes, that’s right – we celebrate Christmas here in Rimkieta, too! And Madame Hema, assistant director of the Valencia nursery school, explains it beautifully in the last project report, which I share with you today. See for yourselves!

Just like every year, we celebrated the Christmas tree (arbre de Noël) festivity for the pre-schoolers and the “Dri” children (the girls from the unschooled girls project and the boys from the education and reintegration of street children project). It was held on December 21 in the nursery school yard. The Christmas tree party also marked the beginning of the two-week-long first trimester vacation period. Classes will resume January 7, 2019.

This year we again welcomed Mr. Tall, one of the young actors from the theater troupe that does the sketches for FAR’s awareness campaigns (tree planting, road safety, etc), who volunteered to join us in the role of Santa Claus.

All the children sang joyful Christmas carols, danced ballets, and recited poems about the birth of Jesus.

After the children’s performances, all their voices joined in a song about Santa Claus, who took it as his cue, coming in with his red and white suit and a great bag of gifts slung over his shoulder. The children were delighted to see Santa. The most curious tried to touch him, and others were afraid, as it was the first time they’d seen him. Santa danced to the rhythm of the songs and asked the young ones little questions about Christmas. The children got a gift of popcorn, pork rinds and candies from Santa. The festivity came to a close with a shared meal for all the children.”